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The main focus of the activities of our association is on people and the environment.

With our programs we want to support the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of people. We not only carry out the activities listed above in our center but also outside in the world. We are more than happy to visit other spiritual communities, individuals and public venues.

  • providing courses, workshops for young people and adults
  • Yagna (fire offering)
  • participation in festivals and exhibitions
  • publishing and distributing newsletters, publications and books
  • protecting the environment and nature (e.g. tree planting program)
  • helping those in need of social aid

By supporting the renovation and maintenance of the center, you are also helping to bring it all to the world.




By the blessing of our Master, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, in the autumn of 2020 we started searching for an appropriate place to establish our spiritual center and ashram close to Budapest. We found it in an instant! Only 52 kms away from Budapest we have found a beautiful mansion that was built in 1909 as a nunnery and functioned like that until the ’40s. In the political storms of history this beautiful facility was abandoned, like many similar buildings in that era, until it was acquired and renovated 16 years ago. The facility lies in the village of Kóka in an environmental protection area, radiating peace and tranquility. Here, we would like to establish a social lifestyle with the guidance of our Master – similar to the other Bhakti Marga ashrams – that not only enriches and inspires our lives but of all people coming to visit us.



We are raising money for the 4 important project below:

  • work up the temple and adherent parts, setting up the temple and purchasing the murtis (Divine representations)

  • renovating of the main building (kitchen, bathroom and flooring, painting)

  • modernization of the heating system with ecological solutions in mind


  • renovating of the 106 square meter outhouse, where we would like to create a one-room and a two-room apartment. You can see the draft visual layout below.

The temple is the heart of every Ashram. When it becomes ready the Master personally comes to inaugurate the temple and the surrounding Ashram as well. We can only open the center after that happens.

That is our reason for focusing the fundraising on the temple. According to the calculations it will cost approximately 10 million Hungarian Forints (26 000 Euros).

In line with working up the temple we would like to start the renovation of the outhouse as well. The approximate cost of that amounts to 30 million Hungarian Forints (80 000 Euros).

If you would like to support any individual cause specifically, please make a comment during making your transfer, so that we know which project you intend to back up.

About Donation


Donation is not only present in Hinduism, but is present in all religions. When we give from a pure heart, selfless service awakens in us and our heart gets calm. The feeling of joy and compassion overcomes us.

We welcome your support with joy and gratitude.


Please select the way you would like to donate.

Donation with online card payment or PayPal wallet
Donation with bank transfer
Donation with bank transfer

You can follow the received donations here

We are raising money for the temple

(10 million Forints, 26 000 Euros)

Donations offered for the renovation of the outhouse

(30 million Forints, 80 000 Euros)


Depending on the amount of your donation, after the official open of the center, you can enjoy various benefits:

  • Spend a few unforgettable days in our center;

  • Participate in events and courses;

The fund raising Organisation’s data

Odaadás Útja Magyarország Egyesület

Registered office: 1085 Budapest, József krt. 69. fsz. 1.

Court registration number: 01-02-0017506

Tax number: 19288624-1-43

Statistical number: 19288624-9499-529-01


Personal contact

Mobile: 06 30 736 9502

Proof of Donation

Regarding your online donation a receipt will be issued by us.

If you can account for the donation as an individual or with your company, or if you can claim a tax credit, please let us know in what name we shall issue the public donation certificate. In this case, make sure that we can only issue the certificate to the person from whom the money came. In the case of a company, the following is required to issue a donation certificate: company name, registered office, tax number. In the case of an individual, name, tax identification number, permanent address.

Guarantee of intended use

The Bhakti Marga Hungary Association guarantees 100% that the support will be used in accordance with the purpose.

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We will not disclose your information to third parties and we will act in accordance with the GDPR Act.

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